Oils, or tinctures, are by far the most commonly used CBD product. They are easy to use, more efficient than most other products, and you tend to get the longest supply for your dollar. We offer several options from local producers to well known national brands.

Gummies and capsules are a convenient and popular way to take CBD whether you're an every day user or just trying it out for the first time. CBD of Lawrence offers several brands in many concentrations and blends for those who want to get a little more out of their CBD!

CBD topicals work differently than other products in that they are great for targeted pain relief of your aches and pains and certain skin conditions. These products typically do not absorb into the bloodstream very well, which means these are usually used for analgesic (anti-pain) purposes, having little anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties

Vaping offers another way to take CBD and is known for being fast-acting and efficient. CBD of Lawrence has a wide selection of liquids, pre-filled cartridges, and batteries.


Thirsty? Many CBD products are water soluble, making them easy to add to your favorite drink! We have everything from water, soda, coffee, and even CBD infused kombucha!